New Generation Advisory Committee

what is ngac?

The New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) exists to help strengthen the participation of recently graduated library and information professionals in the Association. The Committee provides advice to the ALIA Board of Directors on issues of relevance to students and new professionals. The Committee works to provide information to the Board and ALIA House staff to inform development and delivery of services for new professional and student members, with the aim of ensuring the Association's relevance to these groups.

NGAC works closely with the National Students and New Graduates Group while NGAC has an advisory role within the Association. Often, the Committee and the Students and New Graduates Group work together to achieve the common objective of increasing new graduate participation in the Association and engagement with the profession.
NGAC was formed during the first New Librarians’ Symposium (NLS) in Brisbane in 2002. Initially called the New Generation Advisory and Policy Group (NGAPG), it was established with the aim of providing a forum for new graduates to discuss and advocate for graduate issues and policy development. The name was subsequently changed to the ALIA New Generation Advisory Committee (NGAC) and it operates under the ALIA Advisory Committee and External Committee Representatives Guidelines 2018. Today, NGAC remains an important advisory group consisting of graduate ALIA members who volunteer their time advising on issues relevant to graduates and students.

NGAC's priority projects

The Committee works on priority projects and provides recommendations to the Board for decision and action. Recent projects include:

Review of NGAC Twitter use and engagement 2014-2016

NGAC response to the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey 2017

Monthly Twitter discussions at #auslibchat 

Committee Annual reports





Do you have comments or questions for NGAC?

Contact the current co-chairs of NGAC, Samantha Hay or Claire Murphy, who will forward your comments to the committee. 

Follow NGAC at @aliangac

NGAC Committee members: 

Linden CarrollSamantha Hay | Jade Koekoe | Claire Murphy Holly Radunz | Carl Smith |  Paige Wright 

Linden Carroll

Linden is a public librarian in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria. She is passionate about the development and delivery of community-building events and programs for public libraries, and also has experience with new technologies, outreach, user education, and customer experience. She has also worked in school libraries and the youth sector. 

Attending an International School in Malaysia ignited an interest in culture and community which became a Bachelor of Arts degree (Anthropology and Sociology) at the University of Melbourne. From there, the move to the library field grew out of an appreciation for the public library’s role in community development and engagement. She graduated from the Masters of Information Studies (Librarianship) degree at Charles Sturt University in mid-2017.

She loves to read from a range of genres, fantasy featuring heavily, and she sits firmly on the dog end of the cat-dog continuum (ask her about her miniature dachshund).

Samantha Hay

Samantha is a public librarian in Western Australia. A lifelong lover of libraries, her library career began as a high school student shelver almost 10 years ago. In the years since then she has been involved in many aspects of public librarianship, from designing children's programs to assisting seniors with accessing online resources, and everything in-between. She is passionate about the ways public libraries can improve the digital literacy of communities.

Childhood dreams of directing movies and an interest in pop culture resulted in Samantha studying a Bachelor of Arts (Gender & Cultural Studies and Screen Production) at Murdoch University. After a bit of soul-searching she realised libraries are where she belongs, and completed a Graduate Diploma of Library and Information Studies at Curtin University in 2015. She plans to complete further studies in librarianship in the future.

Samantha enjoys reading great books, playing fun games, and watching so-bad-they're-good movies, especially in the company of friends.

Jade Koekoe

Jade is an Online Presence Specialist and Career Coach with her business Misskoko the Librarian. In this role she focuses on helping Libraries and Librarians create a rocking online presence that brings them to the attention of all the right people. She also works for Melbourne Museum and various Libraries doing digital outreach and helping these organisations reach new (and existing) target audiences online. As well as social media, video and library marketing her interests include digital humanities, library carpentry and data mining.

Jade graduated with a Bachelor of Arts (Library and Information Management) from Curtin University in 2018. She also has an Advanced Diploma of Arts (Graphic Design), 2007 and Certificate II in Design Visualisation for Interior Decoration, 2005. 
A lifelong learner you will frequently find Jade learning something new, at the moment she is honing her skills in the art of video production using DaVinci Resolve. Her guilty pleasures are rereading any book published by Traci Harding or Matthew Reiliy and rewatching Stargate, X-Files or Charmed. Find her on YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook: @misskokolib.

Claire Murphy

Claire is currently one of the coordinators of the Learning Success team at Curtin University Library, overseeing the library’s online and face-to-face information literacy programs. Previously, she has worked as a reference librarian and library assistant, as a representative for Knowledge Unlatched (promoting an open access model for monographs), as well as customer service roles in community nursing organisations and retail. 

Claire graduated from Curtin University in 2017 with a Masters of Information Management with Distinction. She also holds a Bachelor of Science (Psychology) and Bachelor of Commerce (Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations) also from Curtin. She is passionate about the ways in which libraries can help develop and support lifelong learning. 

Outside of the library environment, Claire is an avid traveller and cat and dog enthusiast. She loves quiz nights, escape room games and adventure. As of the beginning of 2018, she hasn’t been much of a Tweeter, though that’s bound to change. Check out her progress on Twitter: @clairicles.    

Holly Radunz

Currently working as a Liaison Librarian in an academic library, Holly is building her experience in university libraries. Previously she has worked in a variety of roles for both private college and public libraries, starting her career as a Library Customer Service Officer in Melbourne's West.

After completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Holly pursued her interest in research and information management, gaining a Diploma of Library and Information Services from Sydney Institute TAFE in 2015, followed by a Graduate Diploma of Information Studies from Charles Sturt University in 2017. The opportunity to work in a design library allowed her to combine her interests and qualifications; supporting students, researchers and practitioners to access and utilise art and design resources.

Looking forward to where her career in the GLAMR sector will take her in the coming years, Holly continues to learn as much as she can from the many inspiring and knowledgeable people she encounters in her personal and professional life.

Looking forward to where her career in the GLAMR sector will take her in the coming years, Holly continues to learn as much as she can from the many inspiring and knowledgeable people she encounters in her personal and professional life.

Carl Smith

Carl is currently working as a Library Services Supervisor at Federation University in regional Victoria, supporting frontline staff provide library services to the university’s students and academics. He has experience in many areas of the GLAMR sector, both working and volunteering at organisations such as Sovereign Hill, Museums Victoria, and the Art Gallery of Ballarat.

Carl graduated in 2017 with a Graduate Diploma in Information Management from RMIT University and holds a Bachelor of Arts from Monash University. Having lived his entire life in rural South Australia and Victoria, Carl has a particular interest in in promoting digital literacy and further education opportunities among regional Australians.

Beyond the library setting he is a community activist and avid sports fanatic and can be seen down at Kardinia Park. You can find Carl on Twitter: @TheLibOnTheHill.

Paige Wright

Paige is the Senior Library Technician at the University of Newcastle’s Cultural Collections where she focuses on community engagement and manages volunteers and digitisation projects. She has experience in digital curation, institutional repositories and digital special collections. Her interests include digital humanities, library carpentry and data mining.

Paige graduated with a Master of Information Studies (Information Architecture) from Charles Sturt University in late 2012. She also has a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Design). 

An avid reader, Paige loves SciFi/Fantasy and Young Adult books. Her guilty pleasures are Dr. Who and Eurovision. Find her on Twitter: @WrightPaige.