Library Technician Research Award

The Library Technician Research Award (previously the Dunn & Wilson scholarship) provides the recipient/s with an opportunity to undertake a particular project of relevance to the role of library technicians in the broad library and information profession. The award proposal can be made by an individual Library Technician Member or a group of Library Technician Members.

The award is a biennial award of up to $5,000 (presented at the Library and Information Technicians' Symposium) and is open to all Library Technician Members of ALIA.

Award recipients are required to:

  • Present the Library Technician Research Award topic at the Library and Information Technicians' Symposium or equivalent event. The presentation should include a report on the project, detailing the project's outcomes, benefits to the individual and the profession.
  • Prepare a comprehensive report on their studies, suitable for publication as an INCITE article.
  • Provide the ALIA National Library Technicians' Group Committee and/or ALIA Research Advisory Committee a six monthly report detailing the progress made since inception of the previous report, including reconciliation of expenses to date.

In awarding the Library Technician Research Award, ALIA reserves the right to make broad adjustments to the proposed project to ensure optimal relevance for the association and library technician roles and practices.

Nominations will be considered by a selection committee, which will include a representative of the ALIA Research Advisory Committee, for recommendation to the Board of Directors.

This award is presented biennially, in the odd years, with a closing date of 30 June.


Ethics forms for completion:

Award nomination type
Self nominated