ALIA President Robert Knight has taken leadership as his theme

May 2019 to May 2020











'When we talk about leaders, our thoughts naturally flit to the senior people at the top of the management ladder, but leadership happens at many levels in an organisation. There are those with Director in their title, but there are also people who have become acknowledged experts in their field; who have been recognised as thought leaders; who have a reputation for innovation; who have made an impact nationally and internationally through their commitment to the profession. There are many different types of leadership and for the library and information sector to thrive, we need them all.'

GLAMR Workforce Diversity

'My first initiative has been to commission a report on GLAMR Workforce Diversity, because I believe the issue for the Association going forward is not only about nurturing leaders, it is also about increasing diversity at all levels. More initiatives and activities will follow'.


On 2 July 2019, the topic for AusLibChat was on leadership. You can read the Twitter conversations on the website.

NextGen Leadership Scorecard

As a part of this theme, across October-November 2019, ALIA is investigating where the sector is performing well, and where there is room for improvement, in order to produce the ‘NextGen Leadership Scorecard’, highlighting where we need to invest our energies going forward via a survey.  The survey closed on 15 November 2019.  Following the conclusion of the survey, ALIA has published the NextGen Leadership Scorecard Survey Findings. This report covers the findings from the survey and provides qualitative and quantitative data about our performance as a sector. This will provide the basis for further discussions at our ALIA Leadership & Innovation Forums early in 2020.