ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics

ALIA Graphic Novels and Comics is intended to be a resource and network for library and information professionals who are responsible for, and interested in, comics and graphic novels. 





Purpose and Goals

To promote comics and graphic novels to libraries, allied institutions and professionals within the GLAMR sector, with a particular focus on Australian titles and creators
To collate new graphic novels releases and publish a monthly roundup of recommended titles for libraries
The creation and sharing of news and resources related to graphic novels in libraries
To provide networking and PD opportunities for library staff
Develop and carry out advocacy around comics as a medium, including educational, literacy, and engagement benefits
To connect and build bridges with Australian creators and graphic novels publishers
To establish a relationship of mutual benefit with the Ledger Awards (the awards for excellence in Australian comics)

Connect to Us

Meet the Team

Iurgi Urrutia (Convenor)

An Information Services Librarian for Kingston Libraries, Victoria. My favourite part of the job is in collection management and the acquisition of graphic novels. I have a background in education and media studies, so I love to get involved in supporting the children and youth services team and teaching the dark alchemy of IT to patrons. 

I eat books for breakfast and munch on comics and graphic novels for the rest of the day. I’ve also been known to write fiction and poetry in the dead of night. I believe that comics have multiple literacy super powers and that comic book readers read more than fiction readers. Thankfully, research backs up my belief.






Sarah-Jane Lang (Treasurer)

I am an online student completing a Certificate IV Library & Information Services at North Metropolitan TAFE Western Australia. I am a library user, supporter and volunteer. Reading is a serious leisure activity for me and I like spending my time reading Junior and Young Adult graphic novels. I believe that they are such an important genre and hope to engage with and encourage their use in educational and library settings.






James Baker (Secretary)

I’m a librarian at the Melbourne Athenaeum Library, Victoria’s oldest library, where I handle the cataloguing, website, social media, and graphic novels acquisitions. I also teach in the Library Technician course at VU Polytechnic at both Certificate IV and Diploma level.

I enjoyed comics in my childhood, but this interest was strongly discouraged throughout high school and university so I have returned to graphic novels in adulthood with both nostalgia and fresh wonder at the form, as well as a determination to ensure that other teens and adults aren't made to feel embarrassed for their interest in graphic literature.


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A resource and network for library and information professionals who are responsible for, and interested in, comics and graphic novels.
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