ALIA Mentoring Scheme

2021: At this stage we anticipate that we will open applications for the 2021 ALIA Mentoring Scheme in May 2021 for a start in July 2021.  Please do send through any queries to


  • Mentoring brings a person looking for initial guidance and direction (the mentee) together with another person who can help provide this (the mentor). They work collaboratively to get results. 
  • The ALIA Mentoring Scheme is a formal mentoring program in which an experienced Library and Information Science (LIS) professional helps another person develop their own goals and skills through a series of time-specific, confidential, one-on-one contacts (either virtual or face to face). Mentoring has been defined as 'an alliance between two people that creates a space for dialogue which results in reflection, action and learning for both'. 
  • ALIA supports the development of resilient professionals who are seeking sustainable careers in a rapidly changing working world.  The ALIA Mentoring Scheme has been designed to assist those seeking opportunities for career and professional development by creating mentoring relationships. The scheme matches experienced LIS professionals (mentors) with upcoming LIS professionals (mentees).
  • The scheme is made possible through the generous support of ALIA members, who volunteer their time as mentors. In return for their valuable time mentors enjoy the opportunity to give back to the LIS community whilst building mentoring and coaching skills.
  • ALIA will provide ongoing support to both mentees and mentors over the 12 months of the formal mentoring scheme program.
  • Each intake runs for 12 months.  Applications open approximately two month prior to commencement and close one week prior to the start date.  Once matches are made participants are notified of their new mentoring partner via email.
  • ALIA will make all attempts to match and support mentors and mentees. There may be instances where no suitable mentoring matches can be made as the scheme is dependent on self nomination from both mentees and mentors. If no suitable match can be made, no payment will be taken. 
  • All participants must be ALIA personal members or take out ALIA membership
  • Mentees will pay a cost of $150 for the 12 month program. There is no charge for mentors.
  • More details on the program are available in the ALIA Mentoring Scheme Guidelines. The Guidelines are a standalone document and can form the basis of the first meeting with the mentee and mentor. 


The ALIA Mentoring Scheme is an opportunity for ALIA to support members seeking a formal structured mentoring relationship.
Mentoring comes in many forms; from a spur of the moment connection to an intense long term relationship. The mentoring relationship can be highly structured or informal, long term or short term. Within these parameters there are also different forms of relationships for example: reciprocal mentoring, where neither party is designated 'mentor’, peer mentoring where individuals at similar levels partner, reverse mentoring when specialised knowledge is shared across experience levels, and group mentoring where shared wisdom supports a number of individuals achievements.
ALIA fosters with its wide range of activities many different mentoring opportunities, conference mentoring, group activities especially the Student and New Graduates Group offerings, journal clubs and formal advice sessions. The ALIA Mentoring Scheme complements these existing activities and offers members a formal structured mentoring program.




Who should apply?

Are you new to the sector or wanting to move into a different LIS sector or a more senior role? Is this the right time in your career to seek a mentor? Can you take constructive criticism? Do you have the ability and desire to learn new things about your practice and yourself? If you feel you have room for improvement and want to progress your career please apply. 


A mentee should make a time commitment of at least one hour per month for contact and two hours for contact preparation. Take responsibility for your development and be proactive about initiating contact with your mentor.

Responsibilities of the mentee

  • Agree and abide by the Code of Conduct
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained
  • Be willing to listen and learn
  • Ask for feedback and give feedback when required
  • Plan the meeting ahead, create a list of things that you would like to discuss that you feel will be relevant to your development
  • Be honest and clear with your mentor about what you would like to learn and achieve, and ensure that you both have an understanding of your goals
  • Use reflective learning to focus and explore options

Benefits to the mentee

  • Provides excellent networking opportunities
  • Develops new skills – i.e. problem solving
  • Provides you with a role model
  • Helps you identify professional growth and development areas
  • Develops your communication skills
  • Develop a sharper focus on what you need to grow professionally 
  • Supports the professional practice of setting goals and working towards them
  • Hours qualify towards ALIA PD Scheme activities and points
  • Access to a collaborative space, a workbook and a program of webinars on special topics such as: addressing selection criteria, the ALIA PD Scheme, introduction to workplace rights and obligations etc
Complete Mentee Application form and send to with a current resume.


Who should apply?

A mentor is an ALIA Associate or Library Technician Member who is an experienced LIS professional with at least four years of LIS industry experience and who feels they could assist in the growth of a mentee.


Mentors can choose to have more than one mentee per intake. They should consider carefully the time requirement involved in mentoring and ensure that they have adequate time to give to more than one mentee. It is recommended to spend at least one hour per month per mentee contact time, but personal requirements should be considered. Many mentoring pairs communicate on a more regular basis than the recommended minimum and this should also be taken into account.

Responsibilities of the mentor

  • Agree and abide by the Code of Conduct
  • Schedule a meeting at least once a month with your mentee, and set these at your initial meeting
  • Ensure confidentiality is maintained
  • Be willing to listen and communicate with your mentee
  • Be fully present, focusing on the mentee and what they are saying
  • Ask insightful, open ended questions to help the mentee explore their situation
  • Provide guidance to your mentee, offer relevant advice and give feedback when required
  • Try and plan the meeting ahead, with some initial questions prepared to ask you mentee or some relevant experiences to share
  • Take an interest in your mentee and assist them to achieve the goals that they have set
  • If appropriate introduce your mentee to professional networks and explore career development opportunities
  • Know your professional boundaries and areas of expertise and knowledge, and refer the mentee to other specialists for advice if this is required  

Benefits to the mentor

  • Provides a sense of professional and personal satisfaction
  • Helps you stay in touch with emerging issues relevant to less experienced LIS professionals
  • Access to ALIA supported development of mentoring skills in providing feedback, communication and interpersonal skills with a workbook, mentoring guidelines and webinars and a collaborative space (Google Drive)
  • Enables you to give back to the LIS profession and contribute to ALIA
  • Hours qualify towards ALIA PD Scheme activities and points
Complete Mentor Application form and send to with a current resume.

Mentee/mentor mutual responsibilities

Bring enthusiasm, optimism, sensitivity and respect to the relationship
Make a commit to time and energy
Strive to be open to new ideas and feedback
Commit to full confidentiality of discussion
Reschedule any meeting that cannot be met
Periodically assess and celebrate progress
Periodically evaluate the mentoring relationship to see if it should continue, be modified or be terminated




ALIA Support

ALIA will provide:

  • matching of mentees and mentors
  • ALIA Mentoring Scheme group introductory webinar, and monthly webinars for mentees and mentors
  • ALIA Mentoring Scheme Guidelines
  • a Partnership Agreement and Plan
  • a Partnership Acceptance form
  • an ALIA Mentoring Scheme Workbook
  • the MyPD Tracking Tool to record reflections - open to students and ALIA PD Scheme members
  • regular email contact
  • access to a collaborative space 
  • use of ALIA teleconferencing facilities for 'virtual' mentoring
  • an ALIA Mentoring Scheme evaluation survey
  • a Certificate of Participation in the ALIA Mentoring Scheme  

Mentoring scheme FORMAT

Each intake of the ALIA Mentoring Scheme runs for 12 months.

How to apply

Timeline for the 2020 Intake, July 2020 - July 2021
  • Information on ALIA website 1 May 2020 and in ALIA Weekly 6 May 2020
  • Applications due to by Friday 26 June 2020
  • Mentees notified via email prior to Introductory webinar
  • Mentors notified via email prior to Introductory webinar
  • Joint mentee and mentor Introductory webinar Thursday 23 July 2020 from 1:00pm- 2:00pm AEST
  • Mentoring contact commences after July webinar
  • Payment of $150 from the mentee is deducted two-three months after a mentor is allocated and ALIA receives the signed Partnership acceptance form
  • ALIA Mentoring Scheme concludes at the end of 12 months in July 2021
Applicants – both to be a mentee and a mentor – are required to complete an application form which ALIA will use to match mentees and mentors. When completing your application form please include any information that you think is relevant to us finding you a good match. You will need to also attach a current resume to your application.
Upon initial online application participants will receive a confirmation email (email if you do not receive).

Mentoring Match

Participants will be notified via email at the commencement of the scheme of their mentoring match and given details of next steps.

Introductory Webinar

An introductory orientation webinar will be conducted shortly after mentors and mentees have been paired to introduce participants to the scheme. 
  • Program:  Intake 2020
  • Date: Thursday 23 July 
  • Time: 1.00pm - 2.00pm (AEST)
Guest hosts: Kate Bunker, ALIA Director of Learning and Jacqui Lucas, ALIA Learning Services Coordinator
This orientation webinar (using Zoom) will be conducted shortly after mentors and mentees have been paired to introduce participants to the scheme. This session helps provide an overview of the structure of the ALIA Mentoring Scheme, mentor and mentee roles and responsibilities, and how to get the most out of your time with your mentor or mentee. You will receive a separate invitation to the webinar via email. This email will have details about how to access GoToWebinar so please read the information and perform the checks to make sure your operating system, browser and internet connection are adequate. You won’t need a separate password to access the webinar; all details will be contained in the invitation email. 


  1. Mentees and mentors contact and meet (ideally in a café over coffee, but this can also occur over virtual space). At this meeting both mentee and mentor should read through and understand the Guidelines.  Both mentee and mentor will sign the Partnership Agreement and Plan and the Partnership Acceptance forms. The signed Partnership Acceptance Plan is sent to The Planning Workbook will also form the basis of further mentoring discussions. 
  2. Mentees and mentors continue to meet and work together.
  3. Midway through the mentoring time frame, both parties should review their progress and satisfaction.
  4. Complete an evaluation survey at the end of the formal mentoring relationship after 12 months. Please complete this evaluation survey within 2 weeks and send to 

Code of conduct

In applying for and entering into the ALIA Mentoring Scheme it is understood that the code of conduct is to be adhered to at all times:
  • It is expected that confidentiality and privacy of the mentor/mentee relationship will be strictly adhered to.
  • The ALIA Mentoring Scheme requires dedication from both parties to make it work. The applicant should understand that the mentoring scheme will require time commitments and be happy to give up some of their time to participate in the scheme and communicate with their mentee/mentor.
  • It is expected that mentors/mentees will complete the application form honestly, in order for the matching of mentors/mentees to be as successful as possible.
  • It is expected that all mentors and mentees will enter into the mentoring relationship with a commitment to assist each other to develop and learn in an environment that will support honesty, fairness and respect.
  • It is expected that if the mentoring relationship is not working for any reason, that ALIA will be notified immediately to ensure that the matter is addressed and if necessary a new mentor/mentee allocated.
  • The applicant should understand that once they have made the commitment to participate in the ALIA Mentoring Scheme that if for any reason they cannot see the scheme through to its conclusion, they need to notify ALIA and their mentee/mentor as soon as possible. Participants wishing to withdraw from the scheme are required to complete a formal withdrawal process.
  • It is expected that within the mentoring relationship there will be no bullying, abuse or misconduct on the part of the mentor or mentee and that failure to abide by this may result in termination from the scheme.
  • It is expected that the mentor/mentee, in becoming a part of the ALIA Mentoring Scheme, will provide time to share ideas, knowledge and experiences with their partner in the mentoring relationship.
  • The ALIA Mentoring Scheme is for 12 months duration. There is no expectation that the mentoring relationship or support will continue beyond 12 months. Any continued contact beyond 12 months is the responsibility of the mentee and mentor only. ALIA’s direct involvement will conclude at the end of 12 months.


ALIA Mentoring Scheme: the forms below are form the 2020 intake and there may be some changes in 2021.

ALIA would like to thank the International Librarians Network for their past peer mentoring program.