Australia Reads extends to champion reading all year round

In 2021 Australia Reads will extend beyond the showcase Australian Reading Hour to an 'always on' campaign, championing reading to increase the number of Australians reading, and the frequency with which they read.

Louise Sherwin-Stark, CEO of Hachette Australia and Chair of the Australia Reads Committee, explains  ‘Australia Reads will now focus on championing reading and book industry events all year round to grow the number of partners we have, and ensure our message reaches all Australians, wherever they may shop, travel, work or play. We aim to build on the previous success of the campaign and better connect the book industry and our authors to the broader community through these partnerships to increase engagement in reading, in all formats.’

This new strategic direction will incorporate an integrated content strategy and more author events aimed at driving online and foot traffic into libraries and bookshops, increasing the number of books borrowed and sold, and ultimately increasing public lending rights and royalty income for authors. The much-loved Australian Reading Hour will remain as the signature celebration event and will be held nationally on Thursday 16 September 2021.

Save the Date
Australian Reading Hour: Thursday 16 September 2021

If you'd like to become involved as an ambassador, volunteer committee member, bookseller or event host, please let the team at Australia Reads know on


About Australia Reads:

Australia Reads is a unique Australian book industry collaboration (between authors, booksellers, libraries and publishers) borne of a common passion for, and mutual interest in, championing reading, promoting the many mental health and lifestyle benefits of reading books, and encouraging the next generation of avid book readers.

Everything we do, we believe in championing reading. We believe reading is the key to a smarter, healthier, happier nation. The way we champion reading is by curating a content and events platform that is informed by research, beautifully designed for all ages, and a conduit for connecting with businesses, communities, organisations and schools. And we just happen to have Australia’s great authors on our books – quite literally.

By positioning Australia Reads as an always on initiative, Books Create Australia (an alliance between ALIA, the ABA, APA and ASA) aims to significantly increase book reading by all Australians – no matter the format they read.

About Australian Reading Hour:

Originally conceived by a coalition of Australian libraries and library associations as part of the National Year of Reading in 2012, the Australian Reading Hour began as an event for all Australians to set aside one hour on the same day to read – whatever they wanted, wherever they were located, and however they chose to read.

Since then, it has become an annual event encouraging all Australians to read for one hour through events with Australian authors at libraries and bookshops, in schools, and even in shopping centres and on public transport.

As the signature event for Australia Reads, the Australian Reading Hour is a showcase celebrated by authors, booksellers, libraries and publishers alike for drawing attention to the importance of reading in transforming lives.


For further information including digital assets, interviews and event opportunities, please contact:
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Tuesday 02 February 2021 10:15am