ALIA’s elists promote discussion between groups of people who share similar interests. They are designed to enable people to debate topics of interest, pass on links to interesting information and seek advice and feedback from peers. Please visit our elist guidelines page for information about using elists.

aliaACTive is the ALIA elist affiliated with the aliaACTive group.

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ALIA's Library and Information Week discussion list.
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A list where librarians can discuss their career issues.
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Where cataloguers and metadata professionals can network, discuss and solve data/cataloguing issues.
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A list where librarians can discuss their cataloguing issues.
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ALIACRR is the ALIA elist affiliated with the ALIA Canberra and Region Retirees Group.

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Australian elist for children's and youth services in libraries.

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Duplicates in science, technology and medicine ALIA elist.
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aliaGREEN is the elist for the ALIA Sustainable Libraries Group (SLG).
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ALIA's Australian health librarianship issues elist.
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aliaHEeducators is a list for university educators and other interested stakeholders to discuss issues in LIS education.
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Supporting library workers in the Hunter region of New South Wales.

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aliaISLAND is a Tasmanian discussion and information elist.
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For discussion of LGBTQ issues and support for members and the community.

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The ALIA elist for library technicians to exchange views.
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The ALIA South Australian Library Technicians Group provides an opportunity for library technicians from varied workplaces to meet, network, share ideas and learn from each other.
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Elist for ALIA Law Librarians Group Queensland.
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aliaLTeducators is a list for library technician educators and other interested stakeholders to discuss issues in technician education.
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A forum for students, new graduates and members of ALIA's New Graduates Group.

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Cross-sectoral events, notices and issues for aliaNSW members.
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This elist provides a forum for all NT school library staff where they can discuss issues, ask questions, network, share ideas, information and resources, and learn from one another.

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One Person Australian Librarians. For library and information professionals working alone.
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ALIA Prison Libraries Group promotes the interests of prison and detention centre libraries and those who use and operate them. It provides opportunities for the sharing of information and resources to enable the provision of best possible library services to adults and children housed in all forms of detention.

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ALIA research and information services group [Victoria]

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ALIA Rare Books and Special Collections unites librarians responsible for, and interested in, rare books and special collections. This group provides a forum for discussion and the exchange of information on matters of interest to librarians working with rare books as well as special collections (including collections of ephemera, manuscripts, maps and pictorial materials). Our focus is on the collection, description, interpretation, preservation and use of these materials.

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ALIA e-list for people who wish to discuss readers advisory services in public libraries.
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Elist for the ALIA Research Exchange and Partnership (REAP) initiative.
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Elist for rural & remote libraries in the Northern Territory.
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A forum for retirees and those nearing retirement to stay connected.

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The information and discussion elist for members of ALIA SA.

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For specialist information professionals in South Australia.

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This list aims to assist with the communication and networking of special libraries and their staff across Australia - with news and events of interest to special libraries both in Australia and overseas.

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The ALIA discussion list for TAFE librarians.
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ALIA elist for the Union Libraries Information Network.
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Elist for staff of university and research libraries in the ACT region.
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An elist to facilitate communication and knowledge sharing between the members of the Victorian Special Libraries Group
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A forum for discussion of WA public library ITC / e-services issues

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ALIA Water benefits library staff working with water-related collections.
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Library Assistants/Technicians International Network.
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An elist to facilitate and enhance communication between Library Technicians and Library Assistant based on the Sunshine Coast
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