2013 Elections: The Library and Information Agenda

In the run up to the federal election, ALIA will be lobbying for The Library and Information Agenda. The Agenda has four themes and 10 items which we believe are essential for promoting literacy, enabling citizens to be well-informed, supporting socially inclusive communities and contributing to the success of Australia as a knowledge-based economy.

The Library and Information Agenda summarises how people who work in the library and information field want the new Australian Government to engage with library and information services during its term of office. The document asks political parties to answer ten important questions.

ALIA will be sending out The Library and Information Agenda to all of the candidates running in the 2013 election as well as the local and regional party offices. We hope the politicians will take the time to answer our questions. 

Click here to see the ten questions for politicians. 


ALIA has received the first response from a political party to the Library and Information Agenda. We are pleased to see the Labor Party is continuing to make copyright a priority and that the party supports developing policies to give access to publically funded research and extending the Lending Right schemes to cover ebooks. Click here for the full response.  Catryna Bilyk, Labor Senator for Tasmania and Ursula Stephens, Labor Senator for New South Wales have also responded with the same response we received from the APL. 


ALIA was pleased to receive a response to the Library and Information Agenda from the Australian Greens. The Greens’ response outlined:

  • Their continued support for copyright reform, including ‘fair use.’
  • Their support of open access for publicly funded research.
  • Their support of the Minister for Local Government being responsible for managing the Federal Government’s relationship with public libraries.
  • Their support of government intervention to ensure libraries are not disadvantaged in regards to ebooks.
  • Their support of digitisation of priority Australian content.
  • Their commitment of $2 billion worth of funding for education reform, on top of what the government has offered.
  • Their support of qualified library professionals employed across the public sector.
  • Their willingness to develop a proposal with ALIA to lift the standing of LIS professionals across communities. 

To see the full response, please click here


ALIA received our first response to the Library and Information Agenda from South Australian Christopher Pyne, candidate for Sturt. In the letter they state, "The Coalition will announce all education policies before the next election covering childcare and early childhood, skills and training, employment participation, higher education and school education. The release of these policies will hopefully help to answer the nine questions you put forward in your letter." 

Click here for the full response. 


ALIA received a brief and vague response to the Library and Information Agenda from the Coalition. To view the response, click here