Alissa Sputore*

Development Manager, Department of Communities, Western Australia

*Alissa is a candidate for General Director

What motivated you to seek election as an ALIA Director?

I would love to get the members’ support through re-election to continue my contribution to ALIA. In 2021-2022 the Board was focused on immediate priorities, from a risk management focus during the pandemic, then through a change of CEO. We also had a strong listening and learning focus through the research and consultation phase of the Professional Pathways project, and through our President’s theme of inclusion. I believe I can help ALIA to lean into the opportunities for growth and innovation that will come over the next term.

What skills and experience would you bring to the Board?

I know the Board’s role, and I’ve sharpened my Board skills over the past two years as a Director. I’m committed to executing the director’s duties to a high standard, including financial monitoring and strategic planning. ALIA has a highly capable team of staff led by an excellent CEO. The Board helps the organization steer a path that reflects the aspirations of members, and of our service beneficiaries. Sometimes that means analysis and problem exploration, and sometimes it means endorsing bold steps into new territory, as it’s critical that ALIA does not stand still.

What are the three most important issues currently facing ALIA or the LIS workforce?
  1. Aspiration: ALIA is uniquely positioned as a ‘peak body’ to lead, influence and advocate. Shared bold vision will harness energy to make the best moves from all of the opportunities we have to advance libraries, including in the health, education and technology spheres. While the different parts of our sector have different priorities and focus areas, this must not prevent ALIA from its work to advance the sector as a whole.
  2. Collaboration: ALIA has a critical role engaging stakeholders who influence the funding and policy frameworks within which library services and programs operate, and speaking to what matters most to those stakeholders. I believe we should get louder and bolder in our advocacy and professional research efforts, and identify more collaborative interdisciplinary opportunities to work with allied sectors and organisations.
  3. Bang for buck: Fundamentally, ALIA is member-funded, and a priority for ALIA needs to be an evolving, relevant value proposition to attract and retain members. The recent listening activities will help shape ALIA’s future agenda for professional quality, recognition and development, and I am excited to see this implemented over my next term.