Community Engagement

Community Engagement

Course Overview

Community engagement is the collaboration between an organisation and the community they serve. For libraries and information services to remain relevant they need to be proactive and connect with those communities. This is applicable to all types of libraries and information services.

Your library or information service might be doing some great stuff, but it needs to be what your community is interested in, what is useful to them, to be delivered in a place and at a time that is suitable and they need to know about it.

Community engagement may also be known as or be extended to include community building, community development, community centred, user-centred, sustaining community, connecting communities ...

This is a four week professional development unit. You will receive a certificate of participation upon successfully completing this course. 

Course Content

This course will provide you with practical skills and knowledge relating to community engagement and will specifically cover:

  • Understanding of the concept of community engagement and importance to the library and information services
  • Identifying community needs and emerging trends and evaluating current services against these needs and trends
  • Developing a 'sense of community' for your library & information service
  • Strategies for accountability of services provided by the library & information service

Right for you if...

You work in any library and information sector and want to improve formal communications with clients and stakeholders.

This 4 week course will extend your skills at identifying and responding to the needs of your users, and ensuring you deliver what they want, when and where they want it, how they know about it and did it work!

Course Delivery

Contact with facilitators will be through online forums on Moodle (the online Learning Management System used by TAFE NSW for these courses).

Participants will connect with each other through forum discussions.

There are no specific times you need to be available.

The time investment required is approximately 5 hours per week, depending on the individual.

The course can be completed in 4 weeks but as it is developed to be self paced, it can be finished earlier or later depending on your learning styles and needs. If you wish to vary the usual time taken, please discuss this with your teacher.

Participants require a computer with internet access.

In partnership with...

Our training partner for this course is TAFE NSW. TAFE NSW is the leading provider of vocational education and training in Australia. Each year, more than 500,000 students enrol in their nationally recognised courses and training.


What to expect once you have registered

Following the close of registrations, which is 19 July, we will be in contact with you before the course commences to provide you with further information about the next steps of enrolment: TAFE student registration and Moodle login set up.


More information

p.    1800 020 071

e.    [email protected]


Cancellation Policy

Registrations up to 3 weeks prior = full refund
Registrations between 1-2 weeks prior = 50% refund
Registrations cancelled 1 week prior or later = no refund
Registrations can be transferred to other individuals at no cost (in the same registration category).  
Contact [email protected] for information.

Tuesday, 02 August 2022 to
Monday, 29 August 2022
$365 (Member) - $510 (Non-member)
20.00 CPD Hours