Library Lovers' Day 2023

Only You - 14 February 2023

Has your library enriched your life in big or small ways?

Is there something that your library does that no other public service, or space, can do?

Is your world a better place because of your library?


If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then we encourage you to use this Library Lovers’ Day as an opportunity to tell someone: tell your library, tell your networks, tell us!

Library users are some of the greatest advocates we have, so this Library Lovers’ Day we’re putting the spotlight on you, as you put the spotlight on the library you love. And for libraries? It’s time for you to tell the world what only you can do. 

How to get involved 


  • Check out our fantastic range of resources, perfect for making a display in your library. In addition to our posters, stickers, social media tiles, bookmarks and more, we also have fillable templates where you can tell your library what makes them special and unique. 
  • Do you have a good news story about your library experience? Want to tell us about they unique things they do? Then leave us a message on the virtual noticeboard below. We want to gather as many stories and hear as many voices as possible in the lead up to and on the day. 
  • Share your pics and posts on social media using #LibraryLoversDay. 

Communications tips for libraries 


  • Encourage your patrons to spread the #LibraryLoversDay by having a competition for the best social media post using #LibraryLoversDay.
  • Change your library’s Facebook or Twitter avatar and/or banner to the avatars and banners available in the resources section below.
  • If your library has a newsletter, consider adding in a story about Library Lovers’ Day using the free resources below and advertise how your library is celebrating.
  • Don't forget to work with your communications team to prepare a media release, and connect decision-makers and stakeholders with messages about what the library means to their constituents.



Activity ideas

Do you have a good news story you'd like to share about your library experience?

Leave one for us below. Just click on the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner, type your message, and click 'submit.'


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