Library and Information Week 2018

About Library & Information Week

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) is pleased to announce that this year Booktopia has partnered with ALIA for Library and Information Week. With Booktopia's help, ALIA plans to deliver the most spectacular Library and Information Week yet.

Library and Information Week, brought to you by Booktopia, aims to raise the profile of libraries and information service professionals in Australia. It gives libraries and information services the opportunity to showcase their resources, facilities, events, contacts and services through different programs and events to the community. This week is your chance to show your skills and your value to the community in a fun way!

Library and Information Week provides the community with the opportunity to:

  • Find out about the wide range of services that libraries offer.
  • Recognise the vital role which libraries and information services play for research and education.
  • Recognise the contribution of specialist libraries for the work outcomes in corporations, government departments, hospitals and other institutions.
  • Debate our information future and the government's approach to it.
  • Emphasise the significance of libraries in the maintenance of our history and culture at community and national levels.
  • Recognise the importance of library and information services as providers of services for people who may otherwise be disadvantaged by their lack of access to information and services.
  • Consider the role which libraries play in our local community, work, and personal life.

Get involved

Find yourself in a library

Library and Information Week, brought to you by Booktopia, is held during the last week of May each year. This year Library and Information Week takes place from 21–27 May 2018. We are excited to announce that the theme for Library and Information Week 2018 is 'Find yourself in a library'.

You can get involved by organising your own event to celebrate the industry or you can join library and information services across Australia. 

Monday 21 May – Find yourself in a library — launch day! Now is when you can start activities for your users that run across the entire week.

Tuesday 22 May – National Library and Information Technicians' Day — this day provides the opportunity for library technicians to promote their profession and their role in libraries and to celebrate their many achievements.

Wednesday 23 May – National Simultaneous Storytime — at 11am participants across Australia and New Zealand will sit down and read Hickory Dickory Dash by Tony Wilson and illustrated by Laura Wood. This year we are aiming to break one million participants for the first time.

Thursday 24 May – Libraries celebrate Cancer Council's Biggest Morning Tea — invite your community to a morning tea and help raise money for this important cause.

Friday 25 May – ALIA Day — spread the love and let users and other LIS professionals know the good work that ALIA does, including Library and Information Week!

Check the ALIA events calendar for details of ALIA group events in your local area celebrating Library and Information Week.

Merchandise and Resources

Merchandise and Resources

Order official Library and Information Week merchandise to promote and support your event. Orders for Library and Information Week 2018 have now closed.

There is also a range of National Simultaneous Storytime merchandise.

All prices include GST and postage. Members are entitled to discounted prices on merchandise orders, login to see the discounted prices.

Please allow at least 5 working days (metropolitan areas) and 10 working days (regional areas) for delivery of items. Orders for Library and Information Week 2018 have now closed.

Library and Information Week


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Ideas for inspiration

For inspiration and ideas for Library and Information Week 2018 click here.

We would love to hear about your ideas. Let us know your plans use the hashtags #LIW2018 and #findyourself on social media.

Media Resources

This resource is designed to help you get the best publicity and media coverage for your Library and Information Week events in the lead up to the 2019 event.

Previous LIW Events

Australian Library Week was first celebrated in 1968 under the auspices of the Australian Library Promotion Council. The Council folded in the late 1980s. After an intermission of some years, the Australian Library and Information Association assumed responsibility for Australian Library Week and activities and promotion of the event have steadily gained momentum.

In 2000, the name of the week was changed to Library and Information Week to reflect the broader coverage of the sector represented by the Library and Information Association. Library and Information Week will promote all types of library and information services, the expertise and skills of the profession, and the key issues that need to be addressed to secure access to information.

Previous Library and Information Week themes have included:

  • 2023 – Where's the source?
  • 2022 – Rewrite, Renew, Reimagine
  • 2021 – Adventures in Space and Time
  • 2020 – Create
  • 2019 – Truth, Integrity, Knowledge
  • 2018 – Find yourself in a library
  • 2017 – Celebrate
  • 2016 – Discover More
  • 2015 – Imagine
  • 2014 – Join the Dots
  • 2013 – Share your story
  • 2012 – Think Outside the Book
  • 2011 – Libraries: We Find Stuff!
  • 2010 – Access All Areas
  • 2009 – Libraries your passport to discovery!
  • 2008 – Libraries are for Everyone
  • 2007 – Linking People with Ideas
  • 2006 – Linking People with Ideas @your library
  • 2005 – Posters themes: 'feeding hungry young minds', 'most user friendly search engine', 'what's on your librarians mind?'
  • 2004 – Down and Loaded
  • 2003 – Power your Mind
  • 2002 – Libraries Change Lives
  • 2001 – Libraries Information Matters and Libraries Knowledge Outlook
  • 2000 – Here for the Long Run
  • 1999 – Libraries: Explore and Discover
  • 1998 – Pathways to Knowledge
  • 1997 – Libraries: a Web of Information
  • 1996 – Reading the future
  • 1995 – Destination Information