Greening Libraries report showcases cutting-edge sustainability initiatives

Canberra, 10 May: A new Report released today showcases cutting-edge sustainability initiatives across the Australian library and information sector. The practical and inspirational Greening Libraries report can be downloaded here. 

Bringing together a literature review of scholarly work on the topic and six fascinating case studies exploring current sustainability initiatives and programs in libraries across Australia and internationally, the report is a rich source of practical examples and inspiration.

The report was researched and written by Dr Jane Garner, Dr Kasey Garrison, Dr Sabine Wardle and Associate Professor Karen Bell and Sarah Radshaw from Charles Sturt University, and was supported by the Council of University Librarians (CAUL).


Image: Dr Sabine Wardle, Associate Professor Karen Bell, Dr Jane Garner, Dr Kasey Garrison and Sarah Radshaw 


The six case studies come from across a range of library sectors including public, academic and national, as well as covering remote, regional and urban areas. The case studies include Woollahra Library, Noosa Library, the National Library of Australia, Charles Sturt University Library, The Grove Library in Western Australia and Longwood Public Library in New York.

The Greening Libraries Report is the first major publication in ALIA’s ongoing greening and sustainability initiatives and research, supporting the achievement of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. The report will be followed with a toolkit of resources, literature, practical guides and other advocacy work in 2022.

ALIA’s work in this area is supported by and in conjunction with the ALIA Sustainable Libraries (ALIA Green) Group. To join the ALIA Sustainable Libraries elist, send a message to: [email protected] and for any information about ALIA’s sustainability work, contact [email protected].