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AI, libraries, and the changing face of information literacy 

Questions about Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its current and potential impact is have been in the public discourse for some time, but the recent advent of ChatGPT has led to increased interest in the ethical, practical and technological impacts of AI on the way we live and work. For libraries and library professionals this type of generative AI is especially top of mind as it intersects with issues including media and information literacy, copyright, scholarly publishing, education and fundamental ethics and integrity.

To that end ALIA – in conjunction with the Australian Media Literacy Alliance (AMLA) and the National and State Libraries Australasia (NSLA) - held a webinar on Tuesday 21 February to discuss developments in AI, media and information literacy and the multiple implications for libraries of all stripes.

ALIA CEO Cathie Warburton chaired the discussion and was joined by panelists Jing Su (doctoral student at the News and Media Research Centre, University of Canberra) Fiona Bradley (Director, Research and Infrastructure (Library) at UNSW Sydney) and Dr Kay Oddone (Lecturer and the Course Director of the Master of Education: Teacher Librarianship).

You can view the webinar here, and please fill out a short survey (3 questions!) that will help guide future AI events.

Resources discussed in the webinar and in the chat

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University of Canberra Media Literacy course 


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Book recommendations

Sarah Lamdan, Data Cartel: The Companies That Control and Monopolize Our Information, Stanford University Press, 2022

William Powers, Hamlet's Blackberry: A practical philosophy for building a good life in the digital age, Haper Collins, 2011

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