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ALIA Blog: ALIA's colour palette

Noticed some recurring colours appearing in our communications lately? If so, you've stumbled across the new ALIA colour palette! Well, perhaps not entirely new....The ALIA brand has always included a suite of colours (red, blue, orange, green and teal) which have been used primarily across our website and on our more formal communications like letterhead and Powerpoint. We've now repurposed this design feature so that each ALIA colour is tied to a specific LIS sector. The inspiration? We wanted each of our sectors to have their own visual identity and for our Members to the find content that is most relevant to them at a glance. That, and Cuisenaire rods.

"When I saw the ALIA colours I was immediately reminded of the Cuisenaire rods I played with as a child" said ALIA CEO Cathie Warburton. "Those colourful wooden rods encourage learning and creativity so we thought they were a great way to represent the various library sectors that encourage these activities in different ways every day."

The colour palette is now being used in our enewsletters ALIA News and CPD Digest and will be incorporated into more of our communications and publications over the coming months. 

You can explore the colour key below.