Strong, Active, Influential: Introducing The ALIA Strategic Plan 2024-2026

We are pleased to launch today our new Strategic Plan that sets out how we will shape the next three years of the Australian Library and Information Association. At the high level it will guide our decisions, inform our investments, and provide the framework for our annual plans and budgets. It is also a plan of action focused on the practical measures we will take to support our members and to reinforce that libraries continue to be critical institutions at the heart of a thriving democracy.

What informed our strategy? 

As you all know, libraries evolve with the communities and contexts that surround them. To that end, in developing the Strategy we took into account changes to our social, economic and environmental landscapes, shifting work cultures, behaviours and technologies, the political climate and facilitating sharing and learning on a global level.

What’s in it?

 The strategy covers: 

Our purpose - the 'why' we exist 
Our role - to influence, empower and strengthen 
Our beliefs - what guides our work 
Our impact - the outcomes we are focused on in the community, across the sector and within the membership 

Together they combine the need to invest in the foundations for the organisation; to build scale and connections in our membership; and to evolve how we work with and alongside others to strengthen our advocacy, workforce and profile. 

What’s in it for me?

ALIA is only as strong as its members, and as much as the Strategy provides guidance to the ALIA Board and Staff, it is exists to support you as a valued member and foster a dynamic sector you can be proud to be part of. Included in the Strategy is a commitment to: 

- Provide an evolved membership model
- Secure funding
- Support an active sector enabled through deeper connection with each other
- Ensure a skilled workforce that is inclusive and empowered. 

What does success look like?

For each of our commitments we included details of what progress and success looks like. For example,  'Influence' is reflected through 'runs on the board' with our advocacy action, formal partnerships with stakeholders and increased engagement with decision-makers who proactively seek us out to contribute to discussions. We will also report against the Strategic Plan at each ALIA Board meeting and in our Annual Reports. 

Too long didn't read? 

We have also developed a 'Strategy on a Page' which includes all the key components of the Plan in an easy-to-digest format. 

The Strategic Plan 2024-2026 and Strategy on a Page are both now available to read and download on the ALIA Website.