By making a bequest, you can leave an enduring gift that will help advance knowledge in the library and information sector, improve a student’s educational prospects and reward important contributions to the sector.

Bequests are a gift detailed in an individual’s will. Your bequest can fund a specific purpose such as research or an industry award. Alternatively you can endow your bequest or give ALIA permission to use the gift in a way that will bring the most benefit at the time. For some, a bequest may take the form of a designated amount or asset. For others, it may be a small percentage of their estate; say 2%, which would be a contribution to ALIA, but would leave 98% to family.

If you plan to make a bequest, we welcome the opportunity to discuss with you a named commemoration in a scholarship, award, research or another initiative. You may also wish to consider naming a family member or a loved one as a lasting memorial.

Making a will is personal matter and we strongly recommend that you consult your legal advisor before drafting a new will or updating an existing will.

We invite you to join ALIA’s community of philanthropists. ALIA gratefully acknowledges the generosity of donors, however we respect any decision to make a confidential contribution.

Fund vital research

This would enable ALIA to offer a research grant in the field of library information and science. The findings of the research would be published in the ALIA journal – the Jounal of the Australian Library and Information Association (JALIA).

Endowing an award

Many in the LIS sector work tirelessly in their local communities and sectors providing services and assistance. Their substantive contribution may go unrecognised unless there are pathways to reward contribution and legacies. Endowing an award can honour individuals who have shown outstanding commitment, accomplished special achievements or who have become advocates for issues which are important to the LIS sector.

Endowing a scholarship

Some of the best students are restricted by financial hardship. By funding a scholarship and enabling students to realise their potential, you are supporting the library leaders of the future. By funding a scholarship you can also inspire others in the wider community, who may have never considered a university education due to financial constraints, to pursue a career in library and information science.  

Contact ALIA’s Business Director and Company Secretary, Nicole Barnes, for a confidential discussion about your bequest. T: 02 6215 8228.


This page is accurate as of 14 December and will be updated as needed