ALIA open access statement

A pdf version of this policy can be found here

ALIA Constitution Objects addressed:

  • To promote the free flow of information and ideas in the interest of all Australians and a thriving culture, economy, environment and democracy.


We support the principle of open access to knowledge in the sciences and humanities while acknowledging the challenge of finding viable economic models to support it.

ALIA commends the ambition of the Budapest Open Access Initiative[1] (2002) and the Berlin Declaration[2] (2003), which seek to give scholarly literature “free availability on the public internet”, and the Australian Government Public Data Policy Statement[3] (2015), which “commits to optimise the use and reuse of public data; to release non-sensitive data as open by default; and to collaborate with the private and research sectors to extend the value of public data for the benefit of the Australian public”.


The Australian Library and Information Association promotes the free flow of information and ideas through open access to recorded knowledge, information and creative works. This is a core value of the Association.

ALIA supports Australian libraries in their efforts to work towards open access:

  • Participating in the open access debate and policy development in all fora
  • Raising awareness of the benefits of open access – to authors from increased visibility, usage and impact of their work; to publishers from increased visibility and increased readership; and to the nation from the greater dissemination of knowledge
  • Establishing and managing repositories for research outputs
  • Developing digital archives to enable access to Australian cultural heritage
  • Providing economic and technical support for open access publishing.

ALIA has adopted full open access for the majority of its own reports, conference papers and other grey literature; Member-only access for certain unique, high value materials, and green open access for scholarly journals.

Adopted 2014. Amended 2018.