Statement on non-standard employment

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ALIA Constitution Objects addressed

  • To promote and improve the services provided by all kinds of library and information agencies.


ALIA recognises that new forms of work have developed in response to the need for increased labour market flexibility. ALIA believes an appropriate, legal and fair employment policy balances the need for flexibility with protection for employees.


The Australian Library and Information Association notes the increasing incidence of non-standard work in Australian library and information services. The Association acknowledges the use of part-time, casual and genuine non-employee work, to the extent that it increases flexibility for both management and employees. However, the Association does not support the increasing casualisation of employment which is evident in some sectors. The Association affirms the following principles for non-standard work:

1. where work is not full-time but is regular and continuing, it should be classified as 'permanent part-time'. As such, it should be recognised as an integral element of core work;
2. employment of part-time staff should be on the same standards of engagement as full-time staff;
3. permanent part-time work should attract all normal employment conditions (such as superannuation, annual, sick and long-service leave) on a pro rata basis;
4. part-time and casual employees should be provided with opportunities to participate in training and development programs and consultative processes on an equal footing with full-time employees;
5. part-time work should provide stable working hours, established in advance and subject to reasonable notice of change;
6. irregular working hours, subject to ad hoc changes, should be associated only with casual work;
7. in accordance with legal requirements, 'casual' employment should refer only to short-term, irregular or intermittent work;
8. casual employees should receive normal hourly rates for work undertaken plus a loading of at least 25 per cent in lieu of normal leave benefits.
9. non-employee, or independent contractor, arrangements should be applied only in strict accordance with legal principles. No such contract should be adopted for the purposes of avoiding any industrial instrument which would otherwise govern the work undertaken, or solely to reduce employment conditions which would apply to a relationship of employer and employee.
10. we encourage employers to recognise the multiple, flexible arrangements that are an increasing part of our digital economy. 
In all cases the relevant Federal and State/Territory legislation must be followed.

Amended 2008, 2018