Advocacy campaigns

Our advocacy campaigns are great opportunities for the sector to promote its value and to highlight issues of importance to the communities we serve.

Key agenda items



  1. Improved access to data and scholarly information through the development and trial of open access models for government-funded research
  2. Halt to government library closures and greater recognition of the role of library and information professionals in evidence-based decision-making
  3. Greater recognition of the important part libraries play in literacy and learning for all ages
  4. Continued recognition of the important part libraries play in digital inclusion
  5. A national early literacy strategy
  6. Support for the long-term success of the Australian book industry
  7. Quality library services for tertiary students enrolled in universities, TAFEs and private Registered Training Organisations (RTO)
  8. Qualified library staff employed in every school library
  9. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG)



10. Further copyright law reform (safe harbours and fair use)

11. Accreditation of higher education and VET courses by professional bodies



12. Further investment in digital access to cultural collections and digital infrastructure

13. Funding for library buildings as a vital element of Australia's knowledge infrastructure

14. Funding for the delivery of egovernment services through public libraries


We are also engaged with Australia’s response to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.