Library Lovers' Day 2014

Forget Valentine's Day, 14 February has been re-named Library Lovers' Day! Take the opportunity to celebrate those who love and support libraries and to remind decision makers how loved and cherished libraries are by the entire community.

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You can see a collection of media stories and a list for events happening around Australia for Library Lovers' Day here

Are you a regular fixture at the State Library of Victoria because you are inspired by its beautiful architecture? Do you love the reading nook at your local public library? Are you a fan of the smell of library books? Let us know what it is that you love about your library in any way you can. Find us on one of our social media links below and don’t forget to use #librarylove. You can also email us at

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We’ll be collecting and posting all of the responses to #librarylove on our Storify page where you can see what everyone loves about their libraries. 

In 2014, we want to find Australia’s Favourite Library! This is an excellent opportunity to get your library users to rally behind your library.

Nominations for Australia’s Favourite Library will launch on the 10 February. You can nominate your library or you can encourage your patrons to nominate you as their favourite library. Once you have been nominated, encourage your community to show their #librarylove and vote for your library. The winning library will be announced during Library and Information Week 2014. Stay tuned for more information. 

Library Lovers' Day is your day to share your love of your library! Plan events to show your colleagues, your community and the world just how much you love your library.

Not feeling the love? Here are some ideas from previous Library Lovers' Day celebrations to inspire you. You can also head over to our pinterest page for more visual ideas.  

Ideas for your communication channels

  • Encourage your patrons to spread the #librarylove by having a competition for the best social media post using the hashtag with your libraries’ twitter handle
  • Change your library’s facebook or twitter avatar and/or banner to the avatars and banners available in the resources section below 
  • Get your patrons excited about your library and have them nominate you for the Australia’s Favourite Library competition
  • Create a digital ‘blind date’ pinterest board that links to your libraries catalogue.  The Salt Lake County Library’s Pinterest has a great example. They took a picture of a book wrapped in brown paper and twine with short descriptions and linked the image to the book in their library catalogue
  • Post romantic library stories on your social media. Here is a great post on how to have the best literary wedding ever (featuring lots of #librarylove) as well as a blog dedicated to romance recommendations called the Romance Librarian. You can also consider posting this list of librarians in romance novels
  • Post a link to libraries in Australia who host weddings. The State Library of South Australia, the National Library of Australia, the State Library of Queensland, the State Library of New South Wales, the State Library of Victoria and many other libraries around Australia host weddings and receptions. Take advantage of the romance that naturally surrounds weddings and tie it in to #librarylove
  • Use a service like Storify to capture all of the awesome information coming through about library on social media on library lovers’ day. 

Ideas for your library 

  • Print out and put up the Library Lovers’ Day poster (scroll down to find it). Cut out some paper hearts in complimentary colours and have your library patrons write what they love about the library on the hearts. Put the hearts up on the wall around the poster and show off the love for your library
  • Tempt your users by handing out bookmarks and little chocolate hearts to library customers who borrow items through the week. Scroll down to the resources section to check out the free bookmark download
  • Tempt users to have a 'blind date' with a book and venture outside their comfort zone! Wrap it in brown paper (tied up with string) and encourage them to take one home as an ‘extra’
  • Consider nominating one of the wonderful staff at your library for an ALIA award. You can find a list of available awards here
  • Create a Library Lovers' Day display with romantic books. Decorate the display with red balloons, flowers, streamers etc. It’s amazing what a trip to the local discount store and a creative mind can achieve
  • Become a matchmaker! Pop a sign on the circulation desk ‘We'll help you find the book of your dreams’ or perhaps ‘If you've got the question we would love to answer it’ or even ‘The book matchmaker is in.’
  • Use your research skills and create a pamphlet of romantic things to do on Valentine's Day. Personalise it for your community by including details of local places to go and things to see. Perhaps there's a shady nook in your park or a place by the river. Consult with your colleagues; you'll have a list before you know it. Don’t forget to include items from your library like books of poetry to read out loud, romantic DVDs, romantic fiction, a cookbook to make dinner from or romantic CDs
  • Use your skills to create eye-catching displays. Bring together all things romantic — romance novels, DVD's, CD's. Link romantic books that have made it to the screen. Wedding photos old and new — who knows what’s lurking in your collection
  • Dress up — persuade your colleagues to "dress" for the day — a touch of red is universally romantic
  • Bake — ask your colleagues to bake, make (or buy) a cake or treat that represents the book they love. Need ideas? Check out this pinterest board
  • Consider holding a special event with guest speakers. Hold a reading with a focus on love. Arrange for a romance writer to visit or host a romance writers workshop
  • Create Library Lovers' ‘hampers’ and send them to your local media, politicians, councilors and decision makers in your organisation and community. Tie them up with lots of ribbon for a romantic effect. Accompany them with some information about Library Lovers' Day and information about your library — how many people use it, how often etc
  • Give the gift that lasts a lifetime; enrol someone you love as a library member!


Use our free downloads to create your own merchandise and activities to show your love.


You can find the stories from Library Lovers' Day 2014 here. It is never to late to send us your stories! Email