Current consultations


ALIA wants to hear your feedback on a range of matters from submissions to government, to updates to our policies and everything inbetween to ensure that we are representing the needs and viewpoints of our Members. 

Completed reports, submissions and survey results will be published either on the submissions page; the reports, research and survey results page; or the policies, standards and guidelines page



The preferred method of feedback for submissions is emailing your thoughts to If you believe that ALIA should respond to a submission not present below please let us know at

Currently ALIA is working on these submissions to government;  the Independent Review of the Enivironment Protection and Biodiversity Conversation ACT 1999 (EPBC Act); the Australian Local Government Association's National General Assembly is calling for motions to be debated and many of the conference themes resonate with libraries, especially the focus on trust; and the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare's National Health Information Strategy Online Consultation. 

You can see examples of previous ALIA submissions on the website. 


ALIA is seeking submissions from special libraries for the second edition of the Special Libraries Directory 2020. Submissions are due by 27 March 2020.

Blue Shield Australia, of which ALIA is a founder member, is seeking respondents to a survey on the impact of fire and storm events on cultural institutions. The deadline for responses is 30 March 2020.


ALIA has been asked to consult on the Revision of the Implementation Plan for the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Plan 2013-2023.  

ALIA has been asked to contribute to the Australian Digital Inclusion Index 2.0. For more information on the Index see the website. 

This page is accurate as of 10 March 2020, and will be regularly updated.