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Being part of an ALIA Group is a great way to strengthen your connection with other library and information professionals in a similar field. There is a broad spread of active and engaging Groups to choose from, and if there isn’t an ALIA Group that matches your special interest, it’s easy to start your own.


What activities and services do ALIA Groups provide? 

ALIA Groups operate in many different ways. Some operate online only, others hold networking or PD events, and some develop and manage detailed projects. To find out what sorts of events and activities an ALIA Group provides all you need to do is check out the particular Groups page, or check the ALIA event calendar, or email your group of interest’s committee member/s for more information about getting involved.

Who may join a Group? 

Anyone can join an ALIA Group. 

How do I join a Group? 

Joining a Group can be anything from following your Group of interest’s social media, subscribing to their elist or newsletters, or helping to organise/going to the Group events. To find out more about the Group you would like to join visit their Group page and contact the committee members, information about which is at the bottom of each Group page. 

How do I start a Group? 

Please fill in an application form and send it to for approval from the Chief Executive Officer. Following approval, the Group will be endorsed for a period of three years (as stated in the Association’s By-laws). The ALIA Groups Handbook has detailed information on Groups and what is involved in creating a Group. 

What is required to start a Group?

  • Proposed groups, where geographically possible, need to demonstrate the support of at least 25 members of the Association
  • Financially active groups (those running events for example) must have at least two office bearers, a Treasurer and Secretary. We also ask that your group nominate a convenor to act as a contact person to liaise with the ALIA House team and State or Territory Manager.
  • Non-financially active groups need to have a nominated contact person to liaise with the ALIA House team and State or Territory Manager.
  • Group office bearers must be current personal Members of the Association or the formal nominee of the appointed representative, of a Financial, Institutional or Corporate Member.
  • Groups are to submit an activity and achievements report at the start of each year to the Groups Coordinator who will pass this on to the Chief Executive Officer.

Group forms and MAnuals

There are several documents and forms which are useful for running a group successfully, or if you are considering creating a new group. Please download any of the below resources.

ALIA Groups Handbook

ALIA Group - Budget template Group Event Registration Manual

New Group - Application Form

ALIA Group - Accommodation request form

Group Event Registration setup form 


ALIA Group - Travel Request form
ALIA Social Media Guidelines

ALIA Group - Request for payment