ALIA in Tasmania

ALIA in Tasmania

New to town? Or you've decided to make the most of your ALIA membership, but not sure where to start?  Please get in contact with us! We're happy to get you connected to local people and ALIA resources to help you grow and develop as a Tasmanian information professional. If you need any type of professional help or information, we're here to help.

You can contact us at


Groups in Tasmania

ALIA TAS is a cross-regional, cross-sectoral statewide group. It provides professional development activities, membership services and lobbies to increase public awareness of all library services.

If you are interested, or would like to be on the ALIA TAS Committee or would like more information about the ALIATAS Group, contact the committe through the links on the Group page HERE.

ALIA also has a number of National Groups, that you may like to follow or participate in.



Local Elists

Check the Elist page for national and special interest elists.

Institutions offering ALIA Accredited Courses 

A full list of ALIA accredited courses is available here.