Board Elections

thank you

The 2021 ALIA Board election has concluded and we would like to thank our Members who took part in the voting process. 

Thank you also to the ALIA Members who nominated to join the Board; Lisa Capps, Associate Professor Mary Carroll, Vicki Edmunds, Kathryn Eyre, Suzie Gately, Dr Jo Kaeding, Marian Morgan-Bindon, Lisa Smith and Alissa Sputore.

We appreciate their willingness to support the library and information community in this way.

2021 ALIA Board election results

We are pleased to announce the following members have been elected to positions on the Board as President and general Directors: 


Vicki Edmunds has been declared re-elected to the Board in the role of President.  


Mary Carroll and Alissa Sputore have been elected as Directors.


Background information about the newly elected Directors is available at this link.

The successful candidates will take office following our Annual General Meeting (AGM) to be held on 24 May 2021 and serve on the Board for two years. 

continuing directors

The new Board members will be part of a seven-member Board comprising the President, Institutional Director and five general Directors.  The Board will appoint one of their members to serve as the Vice President.

The 2021/22 Board will also include current Board members Stefanie Gaspari, Justine Hyde, Clare Thorpe and Emily Wilson.  Select this link for more information about the current Board.


The election was governed by ALIA By-Law 3 and CorpVote, an independent election specialist, managed the voting process.

Election timeline  

Nominations opened

16 November 2020

Nominations closed

29 January 2021

Voting opened

1 March 2021

Voting closed

16 April 2021

Directors take office

ALIA AGM 24 May 2021

want to know more?

Information about the 2020-2021 Board of Directors can be found on the Board of Directors webpage

To find out more about the election process or the work of the ALIA Board, please contact the ALIA Board of Directors


This page is accurate as of 20 April 2021 and will be updated as needed