#EBLIPRG (Evidence-Based Library Practice Reading Group) Twitter Meeting

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#EBLIPRG (Evidence-Based Library Practice Reading Group) Meeting on Thursday, 29 October, NEW TIME 2pm AEST on Twitter. #LARK

The next #EBLIPRG  article is :

Wilson, V. (2013). Formalized curiosity: Reflecting on the librarian practitioner-researcher. Evidence Based Library and Information Practice, 8(1), 111-117.

In this article, @virginiaprimary (Director, Centre for Evidence Based Library & Information Practice (C-EBLIP), University Library, University of Saskatchewan) discusses the role of practitioner-researchers and the contribution research can make to practice.

We invite all librarians, both practitioners and practitioner-researchers, to read and reflect on this article and share what it means for them in their workplaces.

Some questions to get us started:

  • Are you supported to do research in your workplace? And if so, how? It would be great to hear of any examples of support.
  • If you are a practitioner-researcher, what motivates you to do this? As there is often a personal investment (of our time) in research projects.
  • If you are not a practitioner-researcher, would you like to be? And if so, what would help you get there?

We look forward to our next stimulating tweet chat! And don't forget the NEW time 2pm AEST, not 8pm as previously advertised. See you there.

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Thursday 29 October 2015 2:00pm