Media Literacy: A primer for libraries

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Media literacy is a term that is becoming more prevalent in discussions around misinformation in society. It is a topic that is attracting public interest, with the Australian Government looking to work with media literacy experts in developing a national strategy to combat fake news and misinformation. For those working in libraries, media literacy may seem like a new concept, but the reality is that library professionals have been working to support media literacy in society for many years - though they may not be using this specific terminology. 

This one-hour session, presented by the Australian Library and Information Association and National & State Libraries Australia, will outline the basics of what media literacy is, how the Australian Media Literacy Alliance is leading the way for libraries to engage with media literacy issues, and how library professionals can get involved and promote the value that their libraries bring to their communities as media literacy experts. We encourage library professionals from all library sectors to attend, and learn more about how their library can support media literacy.

Speakers include ALIA CEO Sue McKerracher, Libraries Tasmania Executive Director Liz Jack, and ALIA Director of Policy and Education, Trish Hepworth.

ALIA and NSLA are founder members of the Australian Media Literacy Alliance.

ALIA Event
Tuesday 13 April 2021 5:00pm to Saturday 08 May 2021 4:57am
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