Francis John Balnaves

Francis John Balnaves BA ALA FLAA

Fellowship conferred 1967

Francis John Balnaves received his education at the University of London. He was elected to the Register of the Library Association as a chartered librarian in 1954 and in 1957 he was elected a professional member of the Library Association of Australia.

Mr Balnaves major publication is Australian Libraries, which appeared in 1966 over the imprint of Clive Bingley. This book has been described by a reviewer in the Library Association Record as a 'model succinct description of the library services of a nation'. As such it fills a need which has been felt both in Australia and overseas for many years.

Mr Balnaves has also written for the Australian Library Journal on in-service training and shared cataloguing, both of which are subjects to which he has devoted considerable attention.

In the field of library education and training Mr Balnaves has made a major contribution to practice through his sound and systematic organisation of the National Library's Training School. In the area of shared cataloguing he was, in effect, Australia's representative in vital consultations with the Library of Congress and he has worked tirelessly to explain and promote this concept.

The Board's investigations lead it to affirm that Mr Balnaves has been a member of the Board of Examiners since 1964. Since 1965 he has been deputy chairman. In addition he has served continuously for a number of years as an associate examiner.

The Board of Examiners commends Francis John Balnaves to Council as the author of a very well-received book on Australian libraries, as a leading practitioner and thinker in the field of technical processing and as one of the Association’s particularly valuable and constructive educational advisors. It recommends that he is well worthy of the award of Fellowship.