ALIA WA Retirees

The group aims to maintain the connection between retirees, to encourage engagement in the profession, to recognise retirees' achievements, to ensure their professional interests and aspirations are fostered, and to encourage members retiring from the profession to remain involved with the Association. By doing so, the group aims to assist in the long-term future of the Association.

Retired from work but don’t want to lose touch? Joining ALIA WA Retirees is a great way to keep in touch and at the same time continue to contribute to the library and information profession.

Staying Connected

Our theme is staying connected.

Staying connected enables us to keep in touch with colleagues and with libraries we have worked in and to renew connections with former friends. To facilitate this we host occasional social events in various locations in WA.  Our group has been going for quite some time and in earlier years was under the stewardship of the late and much respected librarian Pat Gallaher


Here is what we got up to in 2019:

  • Member Julie Ham organized a visit to the refurbished Riverton Library in October which a few of us were able to make: 



  • And our last event for the year was a Christmas lunch at a metropolitan Perth pub: the Albion Hotel in Cottesloe – a lovely historical venue where some of us started off in “the tram” without air conditioning but then moved to a cooler part of the restaurant for Christmas cheer.  We also welcomed some new members to our group. One reason we decided on The Albion as a venue was because it had come up that conversations that were underway regarding the funding of The Grove Library (a partnership of 3 local governments) and we thought we should meet nearby so that we could be updated on the matter.  



So now its onto 2020


Kerry Smith

Convenor, ALIA WA Retirees