International Games Day 2015

Saturday 21 November is International Games Day in libraries around the world. Be one of the Australian participants, receive free products, download great resources and bring the fun of games, new and old, to your community.

ALIA is pleased to support International Games Day as a great opportunity for public, school and academic libraries to introduce fun activities and raise awareness of the social and educational benefits of play. Card games, board games, online games - every type of game is covered.

Australian volunteers are led by Philip Minchin and Ben Manolas, who have built relationships with local and international games sponsors Asmodee and Good Games. These companies are generously providing the first 100 Australian libraries that register for International Games Day with three free games, Dixit, Timeline and Werewolves of Miller Hollow.




What’s more, you have the option to connect with other libraries worldwide on the day, with two free global inter-library events: the Global Gossip Game and the International Minecraft Hunger Games (info about last year’s event here and here; this year’s event will be a similar format). To participate, just complete the registration form linked below and tick the appropriate boxes. 

Check out all the libraries which are participating on this map.

You can download these resources to help you promote International Games Day in your library:


Find out more about International Games Day on the international website and take a look at what happened in previous years: 

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