Take the Storytime Pledge

Across 2020 ALIA supported the Chief Scientist's Storytime pledge and encouraged library workers, caregivers and book readers to take up the pledge (which included the below).

ALIA will be supporting the next iteration of the campaign. 

  1. Take the Storytime Pledge and tweet it using the hashtag #StorytimePledge
  2. Put the poster up in your library
  3. Promote the campaign through your website and social media
  4. Let us know what you've done - add @alianational to your tweets; send us photos to advocacy@alia.org.au

Previous Chief Scientist's Storytime Pledge events 

2020, ALIA supported the Chief Scientists Storytime pledge, which encouraged caregivers to read to their child over the school holidays, ALIA provided free downloadable materials and ALIA President Viv Barton made the pledge

2017, ALIA supported the Chief Scientist's Storytime Pledge, which asked caregivers to read a book to a child over the holiday season and ALIA provided several free downloadable resources including a poster and social media graphics, as well as providing links to relevant ALIA reports. 


This page is accurate as of 29 October and will be updated as needed.