Research activities

Note: Research papers, survey results and reports can be found in the open access resources section of our website. You can also download a spreadsheet featuring LIS research from 2005 to 2014. This has been produced from the information contained in the ALIA LIS research environmental scan report, October 2014.

Mis/disinformation in library collections in australia

ALIA has commissioned a six-month research project on mis/disinformation in library collections in Australia. 


Collaboration is encouraged and the ALIA Research Advisory Committee has put together this spreadsheet of researchers who are keen to partner with others who share their professional interests. If you would like to be listed, send us your details


ALIA and Charles Sturt University partnered to present free LIS research events in six capitals during the second half of 2016, working with host LIS schools in each location. Read the final report here.


ALIA is pleased to support this ARC-funded project, which aims to encourage and enable research culture and practice within Australia's library and information profession. Go to the website.

ALIA Research Advisory Committee

The ALIA Board of Directors established the ALIA Research Advisory Committee to promote the value of research, to provide advice on ALIA's role in research in general, to recommend recipients of Research Grant Awards and to help identify research activities to be supported by the ALIA Research Fund. 

ALIA research agenda

The ALIA Research Advisory Committee developed the ALIA Research Agenda, which was endorsed by the ALIA Board at its September 2015 meeting.

ALIA Research Awards 

ALIA supports research in the profession through the ALIA Research Grant Awards. The ALIA Research Grant Award provides opportunities for professional members to undertake research projects that they would otherwise be unable to do because of the time and costs involved. There is also a Library Technician Research Award, the Anne Harrison Award for health librarians, and the Twila Ann Janssen Herr Research Award for Disability Services. Find out more about our national and group research awards.

ALIA Research Fund

ALIA is an Applied Research Institute and our Research Fund supports our research activities.

ALIA survey protocols

Download ALIA's protocols for surveys

Being Research Active

The ALIA Research Advisory Committee offers workshops aimed at developing skills in conducting research. These workshops run in conjunction with major conferences such as the ALIA National Conference and ALIA Information Online. 

ALIA LARK (Library Applied Research Kollektive) is another avenue for ALIA Members keen to learn more about doing research and receive support and advice from more experienced colleagues.

aliaREAP is an elist providing another communications avenue aimed at fostering ideas amongst research-active ALIA members, and sharing experiences on doing research and implementing the results. 

We also partner with academics, researchers and practitioners to support applications to the Australian Research Council National Competitive Grants Program.


This page is accurate as of 14 April 2021 and will be updated as needed