ALIA Darling Downs

The ALIA Darling Downs Group provides a platform for library practitioners in the Darling Downs area to network with other librarians and library technicians, stay up-to-date with library practices and attend professional developments events. Our focus is to facilitate discussions relevant to library issues affecting the Darling Downs area. By doing so the group aims to ensure the long term involvement of Darling Downs library staff in matters pertaining to the profession.

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ALIA South Australia

ALIA South Australia is a newly-revived, cross-sectoral group for all information professionals and GLAM members in South Australia. It is a forum for members to discuss events, take part in professional development activities and network with like-minded people within the state and regional areas close to the border. We encourage anyone interested to let us know!

Please visit the website

 ALIASAGroup |  @ALIASA_Group

ALIA Top End

ALIA Top End, based in Darwin but supporting the Northern Territory, provides an associated elist for the sharing of ideas and events.

ALIA Top End also administers professional awards in the NT and arranges and supports some professional development activities.

Active ALIA

ACTive ALIA, based in the ACT, provides communication among library professionals of all sectors, arranges and supports professional development activities, promotes the role of libraries and lobbies on local matters, and promotes ALIA membership.

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