Update on Natalya Sharina case

Canberra, Wednesday 7 June, 2017: The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA) and its advocacy arm, Freedom of Access of Information and Resources (FAIR) has been following developments and helping with a campaign to support Natalya Sharina, the former librarian of the Library of Ukranian Literature in Moscow.

Her case has been concluded and she has been convicted of extremism and embezzlement, in a case which she says is politically motivated. 

A judge in a Moscow court gave her a four-year suspended sentence.

Read BBC news story

Amnesty International said the case demonstrates an 'utter contempt for the rule of law'. Read Amnesty statement

News reports state that Natalya Sharina is planning to appeal the case.

ALIA argued Natalya Sharina's detention and the court case were unnecessary and disproportionate, and was an attack on libraries and librarians.  As such, it was an attack on democracy, learning and culture.

Read ALIA statements regarding the case:


Wednesday 07 June 2017 9:45am