The ALIA 2017 Research Grant Award goes to Linh Nguyen

Wednesday, 18 October 2017, Canberra: We are pleased to announce that the ALIA 2017 Research Grant Award goes to Linh Nguyen.

The project is: ‘An investigation of humanoid robots and their implication to Australian libraries’.

The ALIA Board and ALIA Research Advisory Committee has awarded $5,000 to fund the research.

The application for the award notes that the objective of the project is to discover the experiences of librarians and patrons with library robots and the implications of these experiences for Australian libraries .

Pepper, a new 'library staff member' in a number of state and public libraries in Australia, is an emotionally intelligent robot that can use her arms, hands and eyes to convey body language while she talks. She is able to dance, play games and tell stories to library patrons. Dewey, a similar robot, can converse with clients near the front door of a library, tell stories and implement other library tasks.

While these robots have become a part of library programs and services, their impact on libraries remains unknown. As part of the 2017 ALIA Research Grant Award, Linh intends to explore the perception of humanoid robots in libraries; investigate who is responsible for implementing the library programs and services using these robots; and delve into the experience of library clients who engage with robots as part of their library activity. These insights will help form an understanding of the current role of humanoid robots in libraries and look at the potential of these library robots into the future.

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Wednesday 18 October 2017 3:30pm