Announcing Tributes & Treasures.

Friday 20  October 2017, Canberra: Announcing Tributes & Treasures.

Celebrating ALIA’s 80th anniversary means celebrating 80 years of contributions from ALIA Members. When we asked the Members how they had been inspired throughout their career we were flooded with responses. This led us to create a blog to store every snippet where they paid tribute to the people, places, and things that had motivated and encouraged them through their journey as library and information professionals.

However, we decided that so many Members had shared such fabulous stories that we had to do more than merely providing a space for them to be shared. They'd written about mentors, leaders, volunteers, and library users. We'd heard tributes to places — the first library where someone worked, the library where they spent most of their career, a lab in the library, or their first overseas posting. And we also learnt about the technology that has transformed our workplaces and skills such as digitisation and data visualisation. So we decided to take these comments and use them to create a booklet we titled Tributes & Treasures.

ALIA is its Members, and once again our Members have helped us show what it means to be a part of the library and information service profession. They have helped us to highlight the differences that libraries and librarians make to our communities. We printed copies of the booklet which were given out to attendees of ALIA's 80th birthday celebrations in Canberra on 5 October 2017 and we are now making the booklet freely available digitally here. Tributes & Treasures is dedicated to all the ALIA Members that have shared their stories and helped make the library and information sector what it is today.

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Friday 20 October 2017 10:15am