Peak body calls on Facebook to republish public health and safety information

As of the morning of 19 February many, but not all, of the below GLAMR and public health and safety bodies were republished.  As stated before ALIA will monitor the situation develops. 


In response to the Australian Government’s proposed media bargaining code, Facebook has removed content on its website which was either created by or linked to news publishers, or has been caught in the net of ‘newsworthy public information’.

This action has included the removal of content created by peak bodies in the Australian GLAMR sector, including the Australian Library and Information Association, Australian Museums and Galleries Association, Australian Society of Archivists and Records and Information Professionals Australasia. Alarmingly, content from public health and safety bodies, including ACT Health, SA Health, Queensland Health and the Bureau of Meteorology, has also been removed.

Facebook is a commercial entity and can exercise full control over its own product. However, having built its business on content provided by others and the expectation by consumers that they will be able to access essential information via this platform, Facebook has a public responsibility to maintain vital links. It is imperative that government and consumer advice organisations, especially in the health and wellbeing sector, continue to provide essential information through this channel, particularly in the context of ongoing pandemic and recurring natural disasters. Given that situations may change rapidly, the public relies on information from these organisations to remain safe.

ALIA is dedicated to the free flow of information, has contacted Facebook, and will continue to monitor the situation as it develops.


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Thursday 18 February 2021 11:30am