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Advocacy tools

10 steps to a successful lobbying campaign 2016

10 ways series: public libraries, school libraries, special libraries, health libraries

About libraries in Australia 2018

Advocacy workbook 2016

Australian libraries support the Sustainable Development Goals 2018

Australian libraries: the digital economy within everyone's reach 2017

Grant writing fact sheet 2019

Services for Refugees and Migrants

A year in libraries 2019

GLAM PEAK and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals 2020

ALIA LIS pay and employment snapshot 2020


Book industry

Ebooks and elending issues and position papers

How libraries support the book industry 2020

The need for interlibrary lending in an ebook environment 2014

Disaster planning and management

ALIA Disaster Management for Libraries. Part One - Guide (2nd Edition 2019)

ALIA Disaster Management for Libraries. Party Two - Disaster Plan Template (2nd Edition 2019)

ALIA Disaster Scenarios for Staff Training Sessions

Education, skills and employment

Core knowledge, skills and attributes 2014

Course accreditation environmental scan 2013

Education, skills and employment trend report 2018 | 201720162015 | 2014

Library Technician education in Australia 2010

Nexus census report 2016

Strategy for the recognition of competence in the library and information services industry 1997 Contents | Chapters 1-7 | Guide A | Guide B | Additional materials and bibliography 

The future of library and information science education in Australia: discussion paper 2020

The role of volunteers in a contemporary professional association 2010


Federal Budget report 20162015 | 2014 | 20132011

Library and information agenda 2013 | 2016


Core principles for effective action for a safer internet 2010

Library and information futures

ALIA Workforce Diversity Trend Report 2019

The future of the library and information profession themes and scenarios 2025 Discussion Paper, 2013

Future of the Library and Information Science Profession Report Action List 2014

Future of the LIS Profession: Professionals Report 2014

Future of the LIS Profession: Collecting Institutions Report | Summary 2014

Future of the LIS Profession: Public Libraries Report | Summary 2014

Future of the LIS Profession: Special Libraries Report | Summary 2014

Future of the LIS Profession: School Libraries Report | Summary 2014

Future of the LIS Profession: Tertiary Libraries Report | Summary: University | Summary: VET 2014

Library and information science research

LIS research environmental scan report 2014

Professional development

ALIA Digital Dexterity 2019 survey results

Public libraries

ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance Public Library Survey 2020

Australian Public Library Alliance achievements 2016-2018

Australian Public Library Standards Guidelines and Outcomes 2016

Early literacy framework and strategy 2014

A snapshot of eLending in public libraries 2019-2020

Ebooks and elending 2013 v 2014 comparison

Ebooks and elending 2013-2015 comparison

Elending international landscape report 2014

How public libraries contribute to the STEM agenda 2017

Internet access in public libraries 2013 | 2011 | 2008 | 2007 | 2005

Library stars case studies 2010

Little book of public libraries 2009

National vision and framework 2010-2015

Return on investment of public libraries 2013

Standards and guidelines for Australian public libraries 2012

STEM programming in Australian public libraries - A Fullbright Global Scholar project 2018-2019

COVID-19 and Australian public libraries 2020

Reading and literacy

Indigenous literacy initiative 2013

National Year of Reading evaluation report 2012

School libraries

Guidelines for self reflection and evaluation 2014

Joint statement on 21st century school libraries 2012

Standards of professional excellence for teacher librarians 2004

Teacher Librarian practice for the Australian professional standards for teachers 2014

Special libraries

ALIA working for special libraries 2016-2021: Report March 2021

Special libraries directory 2020, 2nd edition, 3rd edition

Not simple, not straightforward and not an instant cost saving: the realities of closing a government library 2019

Closing a government library: checklist for staff 2019

Government library prospectus 2013

Questions of life and death: an investigation into the value of health library and information services in Australia 2012

Special libraries survey 2010

The unique role and value of information professionals in special libraries 2017

TAFE libraries

ALIA TAFE library survey 2019, 2010 

Advocacy prospectus 2012

Focus on Learning, A framework for the provision of learning resources, library and information services in vocation education and training 1995