ALIA Children's and Youth Services

ALIA Children's and Youth Services promotes library services to children and youth, highlighting children's literature and fostering professional development of members. It co-ordinates the national ALIA awards for children's librarians, promotes children's librarianship within the profession, and encourages networking and communication between members.

ALIA Retirees

The group aims to maintain the connection between retirees, to encourage engagement in the profession, to recognise retirees' achievements, to ensure their professional interests and aspirations are fostered, and to encourage members retiring from the profession to remain involved with the Association. By doing so, the group aims to assist in the long-term future of the Association.

ALIA Schools

ALIA Schools promotes the interests of school libraries and teacher-librarians, provides opportunities for professional development, lobbies for school libraries with state and local groups, liaises with other groups, identifies and analyses current trends in teacher librarianship, and maintains the profile of teacher-librarianship within ALIA.

ALIA Acquisitions

ALIA Acquisitions is a national group aiming to inform and educate by supporting and promoting best practice in acquisitions and serials management, collection development and preservation, and to promote use of appropriate and leading-edge technology.

ALIA Students and New Graduates

The ALIA Student and New Graduates Group provides a forum for new graduates to communicate and socialise with colleagues and build relationships and networks within the profession.The group aims to facilitate networking for the new generation of library professionals, provide a forum for the discussion of issues relevant to new professionals, organise meetings and training specifically relevant to students and new graduates and facilitate the introduction of new graduates into the wider ALIA community. By doing so, the group aims to ensure the long-term future of the Association (relevance and member participation), and to support and assist with the mentoring program in each state.



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