ALIA Darling Downs - COVID Next Steps

Our next event for will be another online roundtable on the impact of COVID.  

Share how your workplace is recovering (or not) from COVID and what the longer term impact is likely to be on your work or workplace.

Come along to have a chat over drinks of your choice.

What: Roundtable presentations followed by informal conversation.  

When: Tuesday 22nd September from 4-5pm - Online (Zoom link available upon registration)

COVID Library Discussions (ALIA Darling Downs)

Our second library event for our Darling Downs group in 2020 is a roundtable on COVID Library Discussions. Everything’s changed for all us - share your triumphs, tears and lessons learned with the greater ALIA Darling Downs community.

What: An hour long online discussion with drinks of your choice 

The program:

    1.  Welcome

    2. What’s changed for you?

    3. Share what you’ve done or your thoughts about your work practices as a result of COVID19.


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