Interlibrary lending


ALIA's involvement in interlibrary lending is led by our Interlibrary Lending Advisory Committee (see governance and structure). The role of the committee is to advise the board on interlibrary lending and resource sharing policy and practice. In previous years, the committee provided advice about the ILL voucher system (no longer operating). It is responsible for the Interlibrary Research Sharing Code and the ShareIt wiki.

2018 – Snapshot of the Australian Interlibrary Loan Environment. The Committee surveyed the interlibrary lending community to report on current processes and practices in Australia.

Impact of COVID-19

ALIA ILAC recognises that the COVID-19 situation is very disruptive for all segments of our community.  Resource sharing along with all library operations will be under strain and service suspensions and downtime may be expected.

ALIA ILAC recommends the following sites to libraries:

ALIA ILAC recommends checking the capacity of a library to supply, in particular for items required urgently and for items that require delivery, and cautions that delivery times may be affected by factors outside a library's control .  Libraries may care to consider waivers of late fees for returned items and be prepared for slower delivery timelines that may not meet the standards in the ILRS Code.

ALIA Interlibrary lending Committee reports

2019 – ILRS code review. The committee reviewed the ILRS Code principles and charges in consultation with the library community.


The ALIA Interlibrary Lending Advisory Committee regularly reviews the principles and guidelines in the Interlibrary Resource Sharing (ILRS) Code to ensure that it continues to be relevant, and keeps pace with changes in practice and technology. The latest code, endorsed by the industry peak bodies, came into effect from 1 April 2020.  From 2021 recommended fees will automatically be updated with CPI changes.

Share It 

Share It - Australia's Interlibrary and Resource Sharing (ILRS) Wiki - is a useful resource to find out more about interlibrary lending.