School libraries


There are more than 9,000 schools in Australia. Almost all schools have a library of some description, but they vary enormously in terms of staffing, facilities and resources. At the lower end, there are schools with a few shelves of books and a member of staff whose responsibility it is to look after them, as part of a much wider teaching or administration role. At the high end, there are flagship library and IT hubs, with more than a dozen members of staff. Several of the team will be qualified teacher librarians. They will have a growing collection of print and ebooks and provide a range of services to students, including safer online experiences, group learning and study spaces, and more electronic resources.

School libraries support UN Sustainable Development Goal 4 - quality education.

Download the A3 poster and A4 hand out that describe how libraries power high performance schools.



ALIA and our school library association colleagues have been lobbying for a greater investment in school libraries and library professionals, to ensure that all students are supported to develop document, prose, information and digital literacy skills.

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