Digital Health Literacy

Empowering your community to manage their own health futures

The Australian Library and Information Association (ALIA), the ALIA Australian Public Library Alliance (APLA), and ALIA Health Libraries Australia (HLA) have partnered with the Australian Digital Health Agency to deliver a train the trainer program from January to October 2020 to support library staff in responding to queries about government digital health programs. This nationwide initiative will provide training to library staff on how users can navigate and understand the new Federal Government digital health initiatives, such as My Health Record.

Key benefits for libraries:

  • Free professional development for staff.
  • Grant funding to backfill staff time and contribute towards attendance costs.
  • A reportable and measurable way of aligning with council’s health and wellbeing strategies.
  • Improved health information service for library patrons.
  • New and enhanced relationships with local healthcare providers.
  • Library services will be encouraged to invite staff from neighbouring council library services, health libraries and key community health organisations to participate.

We know that people use public libraries as trusted sources of health and wellness information. With online services such as My Health Record, libraries can expect increased demand from consumers, not only for information about healthy living, health conditions, treatment plans, therapies and medicines, but also for help accessing digital resources.

Recognising the unique role of public libraries as providers of information to communities, families and individuals, the Australian Digital Health Agency is providing grant funding for libraries, through APLA, to support staff training, and is providing quality resources to support a stronger emphasis on health information. 

A one page fact sheet, outlining the scope of the project, is available here.

Some more statistics and insights into how My Health Records are being used are available here.

Questions about the program

What will is cost?

There is no registration fee and all participants who complete the course will receive a certificate.

Who will run the training?

The training is run by the State Library of Queensland in conjunction with ALIA and the Australian Digital Health Agency.

What is involved?

This is a online training program consisting of the following eight modules:

  1. Introduction
  2. Getting connected to My Health Record
  3. My Health Record in depth
  4. A secure system
  5. Online training simulator
  6. Community partnerships - working together
  7. Resources
  8. Incorporating health awareness in existing library programming

Each module will take around half an hour to complete, which comes to roughly four hours in total It is specially tailored to the capacity of libraries, big and small. Participants can work through the eight modules individually at their own pace or work together in groups where social distancing is possible and have discussions around the questions asked in interactive components. 

If participants need to do something else and are in the middle of a module, they can just hit pause and restart again when you return. Participants can press the back button to review the last couple of slides if needed and each module has its own access button to access when they choose, and as many times as they wish.

State Library of Queensland are hosting the following sessions for participants via Zoom:

Who can participate?

This training is intended for Australian public library staff, health library staff, as well as interested staff and volunteers from community groups and organisations. And if you are in the ALIA PD Scheme, you can claim the activity.

How many staff can take part?

That's up to you. Any or all of your staff can participate in the training program online. 

What materials can I display in my library?

We can arrange for you to receive posters and handouts from the Australian Digital Health Agency, which you can make available in your library, as you would any other community program.

Where do I sign up?

To sign up, or for more information, go to the registration page. Upon registration, you will receive a confirmation email which includes a link to the course through the link entitled Go to online event page.

The online event page includes a link to the Digital Health Literacy online training program landing page. This landing page provides access to the eight modules.

further information:

All enquiries should be made to