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GLAM Peak seeks to improve public access to, and use of, cultural collections, with a special focus on digital collections, from creation to preservation.

The work of cultural institutions supports UN Sustainable Development Goal 11.4 - sustainable cities and communities.

In 2020, GLAM Peak released the report: GLAM Peak and the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals


GLAM Peak’s drive to progress digital access to collections resulted in a two-year project, 2016-2018, funded by the Australian Government through Catalyst, the Australian Arts and Culture Fund. This project saw the development and delivery of:

• A toolkit aimed at smaller collecting institutions
• Case studies addressing the opportunities and challenges
• Research into digital access strategies internationally
• 10 regional workshops with the support of technology partners
• A draft national framework for Australia
• State digital access plans.


We continue to advocate for:

• The adoption of national, state, territory and local government digital access to collections strategies
• Dedicated funding for digitisation and digital access
• Initiatives to help build the capacity of smaller cultural institutions.

Visit the GLAM Peak Twitter account.

10 ways that digital access to collections benefits millions of Australians

The GLAM peak bodies and institutions have put together case studies of ways in which digital access to collections have made a positive impact on people's lives - download the full story here.

  1. Providing valuable resources for researchers
  2. Fuelling innovation
  3. Keeping indigenous languages and customs alive
  4. Retelling the Anzac stories
  5. Supporting our Asia-Pacific neighbours
  6. Making community histories easily accessible
  7. Promoting entrepreneurship
  8. Feeding mainstream media
  9. Restoring historic properties
  10. Connecting friends and families


Sue McKerracher, Australian Library and Information Association


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