William Ifould

William Ifould (1877 - 1969)

Excerpt from Australian Dictionary of Biography:

Appointed principal librarian and secretary of the Public Library of New South Wales in July 1912, over the next thirty years Ifould built up its staff and resources, making it the foremost library in Australia. He developed the country reference section and the country circulation department and provided a valuable service to industry by expanding the research department. He established staff-training, with a series of grade examinations, reputedly the first of their kind in Australia, and in 1939 the first library school. He persistently advocated the completion of the main part of the library building and exerted great influence on its interior design and decoration; he was made an honorary member of the Institute of Architects of New South Wales in 1921.

Appointed OBE in 1928, Ifould received a Carnegie travel grant in 1936. Next year he was foundation president of the Australian Institute of Librarians and in 1939 was elected a fellow of the Library Association of the United Kingdom. As chairman of the Libraries Advisory Committee from June 1937, he helped to draft the Library Act of 1939; next year he became chairman of the Library Board. He retired as principal librarian on 1 March 1942 and served as deputy-director of the Department of War Organisation of Industry in New South Wales until 1945.

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